Presidential Range Traverse ~ October12th, 2013

 Appalachia, the heart of the trail system for the Northern Presidential Range
 Presidential Rail Trail
 Hiker warning sign
 The Valley Way trail travels through some nice open woods down below
 Up Above the Valley Way gets a little more rugged, yet still beautiful
 Weather warning sign, Alpine Zone
 Mount Washington in a see of clouds
 Kelsey on Mount Madison
 Looking down at Madison Springs Hut from the Osgood Trail
 Mount J.Q. Adams, a sub peak of Mount Adams
 The hut and Mount Madison's summit cone
 Mount Madison and Madison Springs Hut
 Kelsey learning how to rock hop on the Airline
 Looking up to Mount Adams
 Kelsey with Mount Madison as the backdrop
 Star Lake and Mount Madison
 Mount Adams Summit
 Hiking along the Gulfside Trail
 Looking back to Mount Adams
 Next stop, Mount Jefferson
 Dogs on the Appalachian Trail!
 Kelsey heading up the Mount Jefferson Loop Trail
 Mount Adams
 Approaching the crowded summit of Mount Jefferson
 Mount Jefferson
 Mount Jefferson Summit area
 Monticello Lawn
 Mount Adams peaking up in the background
 Monticello Lawn
 Looking back to Mount Jefferson
 Kelsey running for a few hundred feet through Monticello Lawn
 Kelsey on the Jefferson Loop Trail
 Gulfside Trail south bound
 At the Sphinx Col!
 Mount Washington in a haze of clouds and sun
 Gulfside Trail
 Kelsey enjoying the Gulfside Trail with Mount Jefferson behind her
 The Cog!
 Choo Choo!
 Should I moon it??
 nahhh!  Next time, when I'm heading away from it!
 Kelsey and the Cog
 The Cog!
Making it's way to the summit
 Northern Presidential Range, Jefferson - Adams - Madison
 Adams and Madison Looming large over the Great Gulf
 Mount Monroe and the Lakes of the Clouds Hut
 Southern Presidential Range
 Mount Carrigain surrounded by a sea of foam in the forms of clouds!
 Lakes of the Clouds hut
 Mount Washington
 Kelsey heading south on the oldest maintained path in the United States, the Crawford Path
 Mount Monroe
 Lakes of the Clouds
 Lakes of the Clouds
 Lakes of the Clouds and Mount Washington
 Kelsey making her way up the Monroe Loop Trail
 Looking over the shoulder of Mount Washington to Mount Clay and Jefferson
 Lil' Monroe!
 Mount Monroe!
 Above the Clouds
 Mount Franklin and Eisenhower behind me
 Looking south to Franklin and Pierce
 Monroe from Franklin
 Monroe, Washington, Clay, and Jefferson from Franklin Flats
 Approaching Mount Eisenhower
 Red Pond
 Shadows creeping over the Presidential Range
 Mount Clay and Jefferson
Mount Eisenhower 
 Sea of clouds sitting below Mount Eisenhower
 Presidential Range
 Kelsey enjoying the Undercast
 What a day!
Kelsey taking a picture of me taking a picture!
 A Presidential Undercast
 Clouds starting to drop over the Crawford Path
 Undercast flowing over the Eisenhower / Pierce Col
 Sun falling below the Twin Range
North Twin Sunset 
 One last sun shower
Majestic Purple Mountains
 Crawford Path
 Mount Pierce
 Kelsey finishes her first Presi Traverse
It's not a hike until someone bleeds!!!

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