Mount Lafayette & Owl's Head ~ October 21st, 2013

 Whitney at the Old Bridle Path / Falling Waters Trailhead
 Old Bridle Path
 Denise taking in the views along Agony Ridge
 North and South Kinsman above Lonesome Lake
 Denise and Dusty!
 Lonesome Lake
 Eagle Lake and Mount Lafayette
 Mount Lafayette
 Greenleaf Hut
 Canon mountain and the Kinsmans
 Echo Lake and Cannon Mountain ski trail
 Dusty enjoying a break along the trail
 Cannon Mountain Ski Slopes
 Mount Lafayette Summit
 Looking to North Lafayette
 Whitney on Mount Lafayette
 Whitney and Denise
 Owl's Head
The Lincoln Brook Valley Swamps!
 Mount Garfield, Galehead, and the Twins
 Mount Garfield
 Franconia Ridge
 Heading south on the Franconia Ridge Trail
 Mount Lafayette
 Bob and Dusty
 Dusty getting jiggy with it!
 Heading down to the Lincoln Slide
 Bob and Dusty at the top of the slide
 The Lincoln slide with Owl's Head
Denise on the slide 
 Whitney and Denise on the upper end of the slide
 Owl's Head
 Whitney getting taken advantage of by a rock
Denise navigating the slide 
 Bob cutting across the slide
 The girls making there way down the slide
Lincoln Slide 
 Looking back up the slide
 Entering the drainage
 Top of the drainage
 Whitney, queen of the slide!
 Dropping down into the drainage
 making there way into the drainage
 Whitney and Denise crisscrossing
 Heading down the stream
 Owl's Head Path cairn
 The Lincoln Slide
 Whitney and Denise pointing to the slide (Photo-shopped)
 Bob on Owl's Head Slide
 Whitney making her way up the slide
Lincoln Slide below Mount Truman, with Mount Lincoln on the left and Mount Lafayette on the right 
 Owl's Head Slide
 Whitney on top of her final peak!
 Denise and Whitney celebrating
 Whitney with her stylish Owl hat!
 Heading back down the steep Owl's Head Path
 Descending the slide
 Owl's Head Slide
 Primitive campsite
Lincoln Brook Crossing #4 
 Lincoln Brook Crossing #3
 Lincoln Brook Trail
 Lincoln Brook Trail
 Lincoln brook Trail
Lincoln Brook Crossing #2
 Crossing #1
 Railroad Junk!
 Lil' mosey swamp pit
 Lincoln Brook Trail
 Franconia Brook Trail
 Franconia Brook Trail crossing #3
 Franconia Brook Trail crossing #3
 Franconia Brook Trail crossing #2
 Franconia Brook Trail crossing #1
 Pemigewasset Wilderness Boundary
 Franconia Brook Footbridge
Congrats, Whitney!  (One of Whitney's pictures)

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