Old Speck Mountain ~ September 7th, 2013

 Tim hiking up the cable section of the Eyebrow Trail
 Re-bar on the Eyebrow Trail
 Re-bar steps along the Eyebrow Trail
 In case you weren't sure...the trail goes up and to the right!
 Grafton Notch
 Old Speck Trailhead
 Old Speck
 Old Speck Trail
 Windmill farm!
 Mossy Wall below Old Speck's summit ridge
 Views forever into Maine
 Old Speck Summit
 Looking south to the Presidential Range
 Mahoosuc Range
 Sunday River
 View from the fire tower
 Mahoosuc Range
 Tim carefully climbing down the tower
 Old Speck Fire Tower
 AT survey marker
 Old Speck Trail
 Fall is creeping up on the mountains
 Old Speck Trail
 Old Speck Trail
 Ladder steps along the Old Speck Trail
 Mini waterfall just off the trail
 Old Speck Trail waterfall
 Old Speck trail northern terminus
 Old Speck Trailhead
 Old Speck Trailhead

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