Whitewall Moutain ~ August 14th, 2013

 Zealand Trailhead
 Zealand Trail
 Zealand River
 Zealand Trail Boardwalk
 Zealand Meadows
 Zealand Medows
 Cole chomping on a pea pod looking for the magic beans
 Cole, rocking out
 Cole posing
A rare facial expression from Cole!
 Cole leading the way up the Whitewall Slide
 Looking down to Whitewall Brook rock pond
 Heading up the Slide
 Whitewall Slide
 Alton and Cole up the jumbled boulders
 Looking off towards the backside of the Bonds
An alpine meadow on the north shoulder of Mount Bond 
 Whitewall Slide
 Whitewall Cliffs
 Topping out of the Slide
 Looking down the slide
 Whitewall Slide
 Alton and Cole scrambling up the cliffs
 Alton bringing Cole up to safety
 Whitewall Mountain
Looking off to Carrigain Notch 
 Carrigain Notch
 Whitewall Mountain ledges
 Looking off towards the Hancocks
Shoal Pond with Mount Nancy and Beemis 
 Pemigewasset Wilderness
 Shoal Pond
 Carrigain Notch, Mount Lowell (L), Vose Spur (R), and Mount Tremont faded in the background
 Hanging out on Whitewall Mountain
 The Conifers of Whitewall Mountain
 Alton leading the bushwhack
 Looking back up the thick and steep woods
 Alton and Cole heading off of Whitewall Mountain
Our route: Up the steep slide, down a steep overgrown drainage.
Cole taking in the views along the Ethan Pond Trail 
 Zealand Notch
 Ethan Pond Trail
 Thoreau Falls Trail Junction
 Thoreau Falls
 Thoreau Falls
 Thoreau Falls
 Rock slab of the Thoreau Falls
 Glacial pothole
 Glacial Potholes
 Hiking, anyone?
 Running the Thoreau Falls Trail
 Cole cooling the paws off!
 Fern blanketed Thoreau Falls Trail
 Deep in the Pemi Wilderness!
 The soft footed Thoreau Falls Trail
 North Fork
 Snack time!
 Cole waiting for mom to arrive
 Hurricane Irene Washout
 Old railroad grade on the Thoreau Falls Trail
 Back to running!
 Thoreau Falls Trail
 Camp 22 clearing
 Thoreau Falls Bridge
Alton crossing the bridge with Mount Bond behind her
 = no fattties!
 It's not the camera angle, it's the bridge, it's crooked!
 Thoreau Falls Bridge
 Thoreau Falls Bridge marker
 Thoreau Falls Bridge
 Old cement bridge foundation
 Railroad pipes
 Old railroad grade on the Wilderness Trail
 Cole finds a stick!
 Cole running along the Wilderness Trail
 Site of the old East Branch suspension bridge :(
 Cables from the suspension bridge
 Hurricane Irene washout
 Wilderness Trail
 Tippy toeing across a brook
 Cole cooling the paws off, again!
 The east branch in-ground swimming hole!
 East Branch in-ground swimming hole
 East Branch
 A huge rock sitting in the East Branch
 East Branch embankment washout
 Pemigewasset Wilderness Boundary
 Franconia Falls Tentsite Caretaker headquarters
 East Branch
 I think it may be Whaleback Mountain
 Looking off towards Potash and Whaleback Mountain, I think.
 East Side Trail
 Cole strolling down the East Side
East Side washout
 Hurricane Irene damage
 East Side washout
 Drainage pipe moved hundred feet down the brook by the storm
 East Branch
 Lincoln Woods Trail Closure
Lincoln Woods


  1. I've been curious about this one for a long time and have it on a long term to-do list but this is the first timer I've seen it this well documented photographically. Looks awesome up there! Going to have to move it higher on the list!

    1. Hey Rickey, glad you like the pics. Definitely a great little hike up the slide and the views are very unique from up there. Whatever you do, don't follow our tracks back down, either head north a little and drop down to near the junctions of Shoal and Thoreau Falls Trail, or head to the A-Z trail through the glades!