Osceola East Peak and Mount Osceola ~ August 2nd, 2013

 Greeley Ponds Trailhead off the Kanc
 Tuck and Moose playing in the water!
 Hancock and Carrigain off in the distance
 Moose on the loose!
 Mount Osceola from East Osceola
 Tuck and Cole tackle the chimney
 Bob and Tim help the dogs up the Chimney while Moose watches from above
 North Slide of North Tripyramid
 Cole gets a treat on Mount Osceola
 Tripyramids off in the distance
Mount Osceola East Peak from main peak 
 Sandwich Ridge and Waterville Valley
 Waterville Valley
 Alton on the summit of Mount Osceola
 Cole chewing on a branch
 Cole (AKA Fancy Pants) and his orange bow-tie
Alton leads Cole down the top of the chimney 
 Handing Cole off to me
Coming down the chimney 
 The Chimney
 Rain clouds taking over the White Mountains
 Greeley Ponds
 White Mountains, looking north toward Franconia Notch
The Dogs taking one last dip!

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