Mount Chocorua & Middle Sister ~ July 3rd & July 4th, 2013

 Champney Falls Trailhead
 Trail Information
 Cole crossing Twin Brook
 Cole makes a friend at Pitcher Falls
 Champney Falls Trail Staircase
 Heading up the Piper Trail
 Piper Trail
 Cole heading up to the summit
 Mount Chocorua
 Alton scrambling up a rock
 View from Mount Chocorua
 Alton heading up to Mount Chocorua
 View to the Southeast
 Looking back to the 'Sisters'
 Sandwich Wilderness
 Mount Pagus, Passaconaway, Whiteface
 Brook Trail Junction
 Looking off towards Silver Lake
 Cole Contemplating his next move
Bee Line Trail Junction 
 Bee Line Trail
 Bolles / Bee Line Trail Junction
 Sandwich Wilderness Boundary
 Bolles Trail
 Alton walking through the mud
 Cole hiking along the Bolles Trail
 Old Logging-camp clearing
 Right before we lost the trail
 Alton leading a bushwhack
 Cooling the paws off
 Taking a bath in the Twin Brook
 The Bolles Trail
 Bolles / Champney Falls Trail Junction
 White Ledge Campground parking for the trails
 Carter Ledge / Nickerson Ledge Trail Junction
Cole taking a break 
 Cole heading up the Carter Ledge Trail with Mount Chocorua behind him
 Carter Ledge Trail
 Carter Ledge Trail
 Cole hiking on the Carter Ledge Trail
 View from the ledges
 Mount Chocorua
 Mount Chocorua
 Carter Ledge Trail
 Cole getting a drink
 Cole cooling off
 Carter Ledge Trail
 Carter Ledge Trail
 View from Carter Ledge 
 Middle Sister Trail
 Cole, spooked and refusing to move
Running down the Middle Sister Trail 
 Cole cooling off
 Shaking it!
 Cole tired but happy
Alton sharing her water with Cole

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