North - Middle - South Tripyramid ~ May 31st, 2013

 Livermore Trail
 Livermore Trail
 Mount Tripyramid / Livermore Trail Junction
 Bottom of the North Slide
 Diaz on the lower section of the North Slide
 North Slide
 Looking down the North Slide
 Diaz 'climbing'
Up the North Slide 
Diaz getting a good grip on the slab 
Looking up the North Slide 
 Diaz getting a good hand hold
 More slab on the North Slide
 Diaz finding some hand holds for safe passage
 Looking to the Osceola's
Upper section of the North Slide 
 View from the top of the North Slide
 Mount Tecumseh and Waterville Valley Ski Area
Top of South Slide 
 South Slide
 South Slide
 Diaz on the South Slide
 South Slide
 Brook crossing
 Livermore Road Trail Info

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