Middle & South Carter, Carter Dome, Wildcat 'A' & 'D' Peaks ~ June 22nd, 2013

Nineteen-Mile Brook Trailhead 
 Camp Dodge
 Camp Dodge Cutoff
 Mount Madison from an old clearing off the Imp Trail
 Imp Trail
 North Carter  /  Imp Trail Junction
 North Carter Trail
 Carter Moriah (A.T.) / North Carter Trail Junction
 North Carter Summit
 Bog Bridges on the Carter-Moriah Trail
Osgood Ridge with Mount Madison, Adams, Jefferson and Clay (R to L)
Mount Washington 
Mount Washington, Clay, and Jefferson
 Near Middle Carter's Summit
 Carter-Moriah Trail, looking back at Middle Carter
 Zeta Pass
 View into Maine from Mount Hight
 South and Middle Carter from Mount Hight
 Carter Dome from Mount Hight
 Storm's a coming!
 Wild River Wilderness and the Baldface Range
 Clouds turning bad over the Presidential Range
Clouds turning bad over the Presidential Range 
 Carter Dome Summit
 Carter Notch and Wildcat 'A' Peak
 Cater Notch Hut
 Rain in the valley of the Wild River Wilderness
 Cater Notch Pond and Wildcat 'A'
 Carter Notch Hut
 Carter Notch Pond
 Wildcat Ridge Trail
 Carter Notch and Carter Dome from Wildcat 'A' Peak
 Wildcat Ridge Trail
 On the summit Of Wildcat 'D' Peak
 Wildcat Ski Area
 Wildcat Ski Area
 Site of the former Wildcat Ski Building
 Who's up for a ride?
Polecat Ski Trail 
 Smellycat Ski Trail
 Deadcat ski trail
 This is where the building ended up
 Ski building junk
Route 16

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