Bondcliff, Bond, West Bond, & Guyot ~ November 23rd, 2012

Lincoln Woods Trailhead
East Branch Suspension Bridge
Lincoln Woods Trail
Hurricane Irene Damage
Old Railroad Camp Clearing
Black Pond Camp Clearing
Trail Junk!
Franconia Brook Footbridge
Pemigewasset Wilderness
Bondcliff Trail (Old Wilderness Trail)
Bondcliff Trail
Scramble below Bondcliff
Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge
Hancock's and Carrigain
Osceola and Scar Ridge
Mount Carrigain
Bondcliff Summit Area
Mount Field and Willey below the Southern Presidential Range
Alton on Bondcliff
Bondcliff, Bond, and West Bond above the Gates of Hell Ravine
Bondcliff and West Bond
Bondcliff Summit area
Bondcliff Trail
Bottom of Hellgate Ravine
Bondcliff as seen from Mount Bond
Mount Tom, Field, and Willey with the Presidential Range
Presidential Range
West Bond
West Bond, Owl's Head, and the Franocnia Ridge
The Slides of the Twin Range
Mount Lincoln, Lafayette, Little Haystack and the Pemi Wilderness
West Bond Summit
Mount Garfield
Pemi Wilderness
Mount Guyot
Northern Presidential Range
Mount Carrigain and the Hancock's above the Bondcliff Ridge
Redrock Ravine Pond
Twin Range Slides
Twin Range
Mount Guyot
Mount Bond and West Bond as seen from Mount Guyot
Alton on Mount Guyot
Alton on Guyot
On the summit of Mount Guyot
Mount Carrigain
Twin Range
Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge as seen from North Guyot
Owl's Head, Liberty and Flume
Alton approaching North Guyot
Guyot from North Guyot
Approaching Mount Guyot
Bondcliff Trail
Guyot Campsite Junction
West Bond Spur Junction
View from the summit of Mount Bond
Cliffs of Bond
Hellgate Ravine to Owl's Head below the Franconia Ridge
Slides of West Bond
West Bond and Bond
Black Brook
Bondcliff Trail
Bondcliff / Wilderness Trail
Bondcliff / Wilderness Trail
Andy and Liberty

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  1. Chris, great pictures as always. The Bonds are an incredible way to spend a day!