October 5th, 2012 ~ Franconia Ridge Traverse (Flume through Lafayette)

Lafayette Place / Lonesome Lake Trailhead Parking
Pemi Bike Path
Crossing a slippery bridge along the Pemi Bike Path
Pavement almost covered by fallen leaves
Early morning on the Pemi Bike Path
Pemi Bike Path
Another small bridge along the Pemi Bike Path
Alton stops for a photo op.
Bike Path near the Basin Trailhead
Foliage blanket covering the bike path
Sun shining through the woods on the Liberty Springs Trail
Liberty Spring Trail
Flume Slide Junction
Alton crossing the Flume Brook
Flume Slide Trail
Flume Slide Trail
Early morning on the Flume Slide Trail
The leaves look beautiful on the ground but they hide the mud!
Flume Slide Trail
Old Bog Bridge on the Flume Slide Trail
Flume Slide Trail
Peak Foliage!
Flume Brook
Flume Brook
Alton crossing the Flume Brook and heading into the light!
Getting close to the Slide
Foot of the Slide
Bottom of the Flume Slide
Bottom of the Flume Slide
Alton heading up a short pitch
Alton crossing some slabs carefully
Wet leaves created some tricky footing along the middle section of the slide
Alton choosing her foot placement carefully
Upper end of the Flume Slide
Upper end of the Flume Slide
Alton pulling herself up the slide
Alton scrambling up a tricky section
Alton navigating the Flume Slide
Looking down the top part of the Flume Slide
Last section of the slide
Alton scrambling up the Flume Slide
View from Flume Mountain
Lincoln / North Woodstock
Flume Mountain Summit
Franconia Ridge
Alton makes a new friend!
Mount Liberty
Flume Brook Valley
Looking south towards Lincoln
Mount Liberty Summit Marker
Cannon Mountain and the Franconia Ridge from Mount Liberty
Cannon Mountain
Flume Mountain
Flume Mountain
Mount Lincoln with Mount Garfield in the background
Fall in the White Mountains
Mount Liberty
Franconia Ridge Trail
Alton climbing up a rock below Little Haystack
Owl's Head Slide
Owl's Head
Cannon Mountain and the Kinsman Ridge
Mount Lincoln as seen from Little Haystack Summit
Franconia Ridge Trail
Hiking along the Franconia Ridge Trail
Little Haystack with Liberty and Flume
Kinsman Ridge (Cannon, North and South Kinsman)
Franconia Ridge Trail
Franconia Ridge Trail with Mount Liberty rising in the background
Franconia Notch
View from the Gargoyles
Looking to the south from Mount Lincoln
Mount Lincoln Summit
Alton heading north on the Franconia Ridge Trail
Lincoln Slide on the right falling away from the ridge
Mount Garfield
Dogs on Franconia Ridge!
Alton enjoying the Franconia Ridge Trail
Franconia Notch
Franconia Ridge
Mount Lafayette Summit
Pemigewasset Wilderness
Franconia Brook Valley
Eagle Cliff and Cannon Mountain Ski Area
Descending the Greenleaf Trail
Cannon Mountain Ski Area
Cannon Mountain
Alton on the Greenleaf Trail
Greenleaf Hut
Mount Lincoln
Eagle Lake and Mount Lafayette
Mount Lincoln and Lafayette
Inside the Greenleaf Hut
Bunk Room in the hut
Greenleaf Hut and Mount Lafayette
Mount Lafayette and Lincoln
Mount Lincoln
Agony Ridge
Old Bridle Path
Alton descending Old Bridle Path
Old Bridle Path
Alton on the abandoned path
Lafayette Place Campground
Ranger Station at Lafayette Place
Franconia Ridge from Lafayette Place

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