October 13th, 2012 ~ Mount Passaconaway & Whiteface / Georgiana Falls

Geri on the first crossing of the Downes Brook
Downes Brook Trail
The gang at crossing #2 of the Downes Brook
Alton contemplating her next step
Bob leads Dusty from rock to rock
Jump Dusty jump!
Bob, Dusty, and Geri crossing Downes Brook
Fall on the Downes Brook Trail
Downes Brook Trail was a foliage carpet!
Another crossing of the Downes Brook
The gentle Downes Brook Trail
Geri carefully making her way across the Downes Brook
Bob lending a hand to Geri
The Gang makes yet another crossing of the Downes Brook
This was the toughest crossing...and we actually didn't have to do it!
Alton helping Geri
Downes Brook Trail = Soft footing!
Downes Brook
Last major crossing of the Downes Brook
Trail junk from an old camp
Trail junk!
Approaching the Whiteface / Sleeper Col
Kate Sleeper Trail Junction
Kate Sleeper Trail
Squam Lake Region
Sandwich Range
Mount Paugus and Chocorua
Mount Whiteface Brook
Mount Passaconaway
Dicey's Mill Trail
Site of the former Camp Rich
View from the outlook below Mount Passaconaway Summit
Pemi Wilderness
Mount Carragain
Pemi Wilderness
Mount Passaconaway Summit Area
#43 for Dusty!
Alton enjoying the views
Belly Rub!
Alton and Dusty
Sandwich Range
Sandwich Range
Sandwich Range
Square Ledge Trail Junction
Birch trees done shedding their leaves on the Square Ledge Trail
Small slide on the Square Ledge Trail
Passaconaway Cutoff / Square Ledge Trail Junction
High on the Passaconaway Cuttoff Trail
Descending the Passaconaway Cutoff Trail
Foliage Steps!
Sun shining through the leafless trees
Passaconaway Cutoff Trail
Passaconaway Cutoff Trail
Mid-afternoon sun on a perfect fall day!
Lower section of the Passaconaway Cutoff Trail
Geri balancing on a well place Birch branch on the final water crossing of the day!
Beaver Pond along the Oliverian Brook Trail
Oliverian Brook Trail
Old Railroad Grade along the Oliverian Brook Trail

---------- Georgiana Falls Hike ----------

Harvard Brook
Georgiana Falls Path
Alton in her 'ninja' outfit
Harvard Brook
Harvard Brook
Small Cascade
Harvard Brook
Georgiana Falls
Alton at the lower end of the falls
Red blazed trail, a rarity!
Harvard Falls
Above Harvard Falls
Lincoln and North Woodstock blanketed in clouds
Harvard Falls
Harvard Falls
Georgiana Falls Trail

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