Double Presidential Range Traverse ~ May 20th, 2012

Crawford Path 
 Mount Pierce
 Eisenhower Loop Trail
 The maze of paths as seen from Eisenhower Loop Trail
 Mount Eisenhower
 Hiking toward Mount Monroe
 'Cross Cairn' on the Monro Loop Trail
 Lakes of the Clouds, the hut, and Mount Washington
 Lakes of the Clouds and Mount Washington
 Mount Monroe
 Mount Monroe and Lakes of the Clouds
 Mount Monroe
 The Cog Train
 Alton and Kat descending Mount Washington
 The Great Gulf Wilderness
 Monticello Lawn
 Mount Jefferson's Summit
Mount Adams from Mount Jefferson
Alton and Kat heading down the Jefferson Loop Trail
 Hiking along the Gulfside Trail
 Clearing in the scrub along the Gulfside Trail
 Mount Washington
 Gulfside Trail towards Mount Adams
 Mount Adams Summit
 Star Lake and Mount Madison
 Crag Camp in the distance from the Airline
 Madison Spring Hut and Mount Madison
 Madison Spring Hut
 Mount Washington
 Wildcat Ski Area
 Alton heading up the Gulfside Trail
 Airline Trail Junction
 Hiking along the Gulfside Trail
 The Castellated Ridge
 Kat crossing the snow slope on Mount Jefferson
 Hiking up to the Jefferson Loop Trail Junction
 Mount Adams
 Jefferson Loop / Gulfside Trail Junction
 Kat praying to the Presi Gods as Mount Adams rises in the background
 Late afternoon sun shining bright over Vermont
 Mount Monroe
 Mount Washington
 Mount Clay
 Sun beginning to set
 Early evening
 Sun closer to setting
 View to the west
 Alton and Kat hiking along the Westside Trail
 Cairn on the Westside Trail
Cog Railway 
 Sun Setting from the Cog Tracks
 Fire in the Sky
 Sun Setting
 Sun disappearing behind the Green Mountains in Vermont
 Westside Trail
 Westside Trail
 Hiking on the Crawford Path around Mount Monroe
 Between Mount Eisenhower and Pierce
 Crawford Southern Terminus
 Route 302


  1. Awesome trip! 30 miles in a day is rough. Makes it even worse when you cant refill water at the huts. Glad to see the Traverse is being done already.