Mount Zealand ~ January 28th, 2012

 Zealand Road
 Zealand River
 Hoxie Brook
 Zealand Trailhead
 Zealand Trail
 Zealand Trail
 Zealand Pond and Zeacliff
 Inside Zealand Falls Hut
Zealand Falls Hut 
 The Twinway
 Zeacliff Outlook on the Twinway
 Unbroken Twinway
 Unbroken Twinway
 Snowshoe Imprints
 The Twinway up to Zealand Mountain
 Hiking up the steep section on the Twinway
 Ladder step section on the Twinway
 The Twinway
 Zealand Mountain Spur Trail
 Zealand Mount Summit
 Zealand Summit Sign
 Snowshoe holes
 South Twin
 Mount Hale
 Bright sky and high clouds
 The Twinway
 Bog bridges buried beneath the snow on the Twinway
 Mount Bond
 Presidential Range
 Mount Washington
 Whitewall Mountain
 Mount Tom, Field, and Willey
 View over to Carrigain Notch from Zeacliff Twinway Outlook
 Mount Carrigain, Vose Spur, Lowell, and Anderson
 Mount Carrigain and the Vose Spur
 Carrigain Notch
 Mount Jefferson
 Zealand Notch
 Zealand Pond
 It's the Cavalry!
Zealand Road
 Zealand Road
Snowmobile trail along Route 302

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