Mount Osceola East & Main Peak / Mount Hancock North & South Peak ~ January 14th, 2012

Greeley Ponds Trailhead Parking Lot
Greeley Ponds Trailhead
Breaking out the Greeley Ponds Trail
Mount Osceola Trail
Mount Osceola Trail
Small slide on the Moutn Osceola Trail
Small slide
Looking back down the small slide
Hiking up to the East Peak of Mount Osceola
Snow drifts along the East Peak of Mount Osceola
East Peak Osceola summit area
Mount Osceola East Peak
The "Chimney" on the Mount Osceola Trail
Above the Chimney on the Osceola Trail
Looking over to Waterville Valley
Hiking up to the main peak of Mount Osceola
Mount Osceola Trail
Mount Osceola Trail
Mount Osceola Trail
Approaching the summit of Mount Osceola
Old observation tower foundations on Mount Osceola
Mount Osceola Summit Area
Mount Osceola Summit
Waterville Valley
View from Mount Osceola
View of Osceola Ridge
Mount Osceola Trail
East Peak Osceola
The Tropyramids and the North Slide
North Slide Mount Tripyramid
Mount Osceola
Hancock Mountain Range and the Arrow Slide
Slide broken out on the Mount Osceola Trail
Mount Osceola / Greeley Ponds Trail Junction
Greeley Ponds Trail
South Fork of the Hancock Branch Brook
Arrow Slide from the North Link of the Hancock Loop Trail
Arrow Slide
Hancock Loop Trail
Col before heading up to North Hancock
Hiking up to North Hancock
Gaining the ridge on North Hancock
Osceola's from the North Hancock Outlook
South Hancock
Osceola's East and Main Peak
Loon Mountain
South Hancock
North Hancock Summit
Hiking along the ridge of the Hancock's
Hancock Loop Trail
Hancock Loop Trail
View from South Hancock Outlook
Mount Paugus
Mount Chocorua
South Hancock Summit
Heading down from South Hancock
Hancock Loop Trail
Cedar Brook
Hancock Notch Trail
Hancock Noth Trail Terminus
Hancock Notch Viewpoint and Trailhead

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