Allen Mountain (#44) ~ October 8th, 2011

Flooded planks across Lake Jimmy
Lake Jimmy at dawn
Hiking along old lumber roads on the East River Trail
East River Trail
Allen Herd Path
Bottom of Allen Brook
Allen Slide
Mount Adams, Santanoni Range, and the Seward Range in the background
Santanoni Range
Seward Range
Allen Slide
Mount Adams
Allen Mountain Summit
Haystack, Gothics, Sawteeth (left to right)
Gothics and Pyramid
Skylight and Marcy
Mount Haystack
Colvin, Nippletop, and Dix
Boreas Ponds
Dix Range in the distance
Sawteeth with Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge in the background
Boreas Range
East river Trail
Skylight Brook
Allen Herd Path
Allen Herd Path
Allen Herd Path trail register
Allen Herd Path junction
East River Trail with Allen Mountain in the background
East River Trail flooded by some eager beavers
Opalescent River
Boundary Gate on the East River Trail
Lake Sally
Santanoni Range from Lake Sally
Old Observer's Cabins
Inside the old Cabins
Zoom in of picture from 1965 hanging on the wall
Lake Jimmy water crossing
Crossing Lake Jimmy
Lake Jimmy
Lake Jimmy
Wooden planks sinking and moving at the ends of Lake Jimmy
The "Mighty" Hudson River where the Bridge fell into the river and is obsolete

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  1. These are great pics, looks like you had perfect hiking weather! Congrats on finishing the 46, almost time to start on the 46W...
    (BTW, you've mislabeled the shot of Haystack)-