Pemi East Side / Lincoln Woods & Hancock Notch ~ September 23rd, 2011

 Washout along the Pemi East Side Trail
 Brook Washout
 East Branch of the Pemigewasset River
 Where I crossed from
 Lincoln Woods Trail
 Suspension bridge crossing has been...suspended from Storm Irene
 View of the Suspension bridge from the Kanc
 Fall Foilage from the Hancock Notch Trailhead Outlook
 Scar Slides
 Osceola, Middle Osceola, West Osceola, Scar Slide Peak
 Osceola and Middle Osceola
 Osceola East Peak and Mount Osceoal from the Hairpain Turn/Hancock Notch Outlook
 Hancock Notch Trail
 Hancock Loop Trail
 Arrow Slide
Hiking along the Cedar Brook Trail

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