Pemi Loop ~ July 2nd, 2011

Early morning from the Osseo Trail downlook across to the Bonds and Twin Range
Owl's Head
Early morning from the Osseo Trail downlook
Ladder steps on the Osseo Trail
Last part of the Osseo Trail
Mount Flume summit with Mount Liberty in the background
Loon Mountain Ski Area
Franconia Ridge (Little Haystack, Lincoln, Lafayette)
Mount Flume from Liberty
Mount Lafayette and Mount Garfield
Summit of Liberty with the Pemi Wilderness behind me
Mount Liberty Summit
"Stick/Pencil Trees" on the Franconia Ridge Trail
Mount Liberty and Flume
Cannon Mountain
Mount Lincoln from Little Haystack
Franconia Ridge Trail
Cannon Mountain
Lonesom Lake, North and South Kinsman
Greenleaf Hut
Top of Lincoln Slide
Mount Lincoln from Mount Truman
Owl's Head
Cannon Mountain
Mount Lafayette
Classic Franconia Ridge Pic
Mount Lafayette Summit and the beginning of the Grafield Ridge Trail
Passing Clouds over Franconia Notch
Cannon Mountain
Greenleaf Hut and Cannnon Mountain
Owl's Head from Mount Garfield
Galehead, Galehead Hut, and South Twin Mountain
Galehead and the Twins
Franconia Ridge
Garfield Ridge Trail
Only flat section of the Garfield Ridge Trail
Galehead Mountain
Galehead Hut
Galehead Hut and Mount Garfield
South Twin Summit
Twin Range over to Guyot and the Bonds
Zealand Mountain
North Twin Spur over to North Twin Mountain
South Twin Summit
Franconia Ridge
West Bond from Guyot
Mount Guyot
West Bond Summit
Twin Range
Presidential Range
Carrigain Notch
Guyot and Twin Range
West Bond, Owl's Head, and the Franconia Ridge
Mount Garfield
Bondcliff Trail
Owl's Head and the Franconia Ridge
West Bond
Wilderness Trail
Franconia Brook Footbridge

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