Full Presidential Traverse (South to North) ~ August 8th, 2009

Heading down from Mount Webster on the Webster Cliff Trail
Bog Bridges in the Alpine Meadow on the Webster Cliff Trail
Mizpah Spring Hut
View from Crawford Path
Mount Washington Hotel
Mount Eisenhower Loop Trail
Mount Eisenhower Loop Trail
Red Pond
Crawford Path and Mount Eisenhower
Hiking on the Mount Eisenhower Loop Trail
Myself with Mount Monroe in the background
Lakes of the Clouds
Lakes of the Clouds Hut
Lakes of the Clouds
Lakes of the Clouds and Mount Monroe
Hiking on the Crawford Path
Looking down to Spaulding Lake
The Great Gulf Wilderness with Mount Adams and Madison
Hiking along the Gulfside Trail
Cog Railway
Cog Railway
Cog Railway and Mount Monroe
Hiking along the Mount Clay Loop Trail
Mount Washington
Mount Washington Auto Road
Caps Ridge / Jefferson Loop Trail Junction
Mount Jefferson Summit
Castellated Ridge
Mount Madison from Mount Adams Summit
Gulfside / Isreal Ridge Trail Junction
Mount Washington
The Great Gulf Wilderness and Mount Washington
Thunderstorm Junction
Durand Ridge
Gulfside / Airline Trail Junction
Madison Springs Hut and Mount Madison
Madison Springs Hut
Mount Adams and Mount Washington
 Watson Path / Pine Link Trail Junction
 World's Worst Weather Warning Sign
 Snyder Brook

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