Mount Washington ~ May 16th, 2010

 Moose off Route 302
 Tuckerman Ravine Trail
 Hermit Lakes Shelter
 Tuckerman Ravine Avalanche Advisory Board
 Tuckerman Ravine from Lion Head Trail
 Lion Head Trail
Hiking along the Lion Head Trail
 Hikers ascending the Lion Head Trail
 Lion's Head and Wildcat Ski Area
 Tuckerman Ravine / Lion Head Trail Junction
 Mount Monroe
 End of Tuckerman Ravine Trail
 Mount Washington's Summit
 Mount Jefferson, Adams, and Madison
 Mount Washington's Summit
 Mount Washington's Summit
 Lizzie Bourne Memorial Sign
 "Tuckerman Junction"
 Lawn Cutoff
 Davis Path
 Mount Washington from the Davis Path
 Boot Spure Trail
 Tuckerman Ravine
 Boot Spur Link Trail
 Entering the floor of Tuckerman Ravine
 Skiers hiking up a shute to ski back down
 Dog cooling off in the snow!
 Lunch Rocks in Tuckerman Ravine
 Ski Dog!
 Skiers heading up Tuckerman Ravine
Hanging out at Hermit Lakes Shelter

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